Chain bracelet超多新款最近悄悄 出了10几个版本有几款市场有可能翻几翻 因为真的买不到今天做一个合集 喜欢的话可以LIKE🙏另外我最喜欢的图九炫彩大魔王(我赐的名🤣)如果谁想买到请私信我 太爱了.


1. MP2683 Chain links patches bracelet

2. M64224 Monogram chain bracelet

3. M69467 Monogram chain bracelet

4. M68274 Lv chain bracelet

5. MP2683 Chain links patches(跟1重复了)

6. M69464 Lv chain bracelet

7. MP2635 LV chain Soapy

8.M68242 LV Monogram colors 💛🖤💜

9.MP2770 LV monogram clouds

10.MP2776 LV chain patches bracelet

11.M6552E LV Monochain reverso bracelet

12.MP2449 LV Chain link patches bracelet.

图2是其他的一些受欢迎的手链1.M67417 LV space bracelet

2.M6140E LV keep it bracelet

3.M6549D LV circle bracelet

4.M62492 Damier black cuff

5.M62486 LV monogram chain bracelet

6.M68264 LV colors beads

7.M6519D LV treble bracelet

8.MP188E LV keep it braided

9.M68247 LV monogram pearls

10.M6582E Lv neo spilt

11.M6546D LV spilt bracelet

12.M6626D LV digit bracelet

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